Unlock the Secrets of Top Dollar Slot Machines

If you think of a slot machine top dollar out of context, you would think of games that either require a big bankroll or games that payout the top dollar. But the concept we're about to discuss has nothing to do with the amount of money. Rather, it's IGT's infamous Top Dollar bonus game add-on!

Unless you wander around the casino floors of Vegas or Atlantic City, you may not have heard of the Top Dollar slot machine. But worry not because in this post, we're not only going to explain what a top dollar slot machine online is but also unveil the secrets that go into winning the big bucks.

What is a Top Dollar Slot Machine?

One of the main reasons we decided to create this guide on top dollar slot machine strategy is that the internet is lacking high-quality explainers. Of course, you could watch all the YouTube videos that show up on your Google search. But we know you like to read more than you like to watch. A man of true culture you are!

Coming back to the point, "top dollar" is a bonus game add-on you can find many slot machines manufactured by IGT. Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, and the entire DiamondRS cabinet feature it.

On the surface level, playing top dollar slots is no different from playing any other slot. Many modern video slots offer in-game bonus rounds that come with multipliers and very high winning potential.

What sets a slot machine at top dollar is its historical significance and the "secrets" that can unlock massive winnings for you!

When you're on a casino floor, you can identify these games by the big "TOP DOLLAR" sign on top of the machines. Don't confuse them with "DOUBLE TOP DOLLAR" machines. They're also developed by IGT but they work slightly differently.

How Does a Top Dollar Slot Machine Work?

As there are many games that come with the top dollar feature, you can expect quite the variation. IGT categorizes these games as low denomination and high denomination slots. From what we've seen across casinos in Vegas, low denomination slots resemble modern 5-reel video slots. On the other hand, high denomination games are inspired by old-school classic slots. As you'd expect, they have 3 reels.

No matter which version you play, you get a single payline. It means the symbols must land in the middle reel positions to trigger a win.

Of course, there is a "Top Dollar" symbol that usually only lands on the last reel. For classic games, it's the 3rd reel. And for the video slot-like titles, it's the 5th reel.

The bonus game only triggers when you land the symbol.

The primary attraction of these slots is the offers. Different machines may have different offers, but they all provide credits. Once it triggers, you can either decide to take the offer or you can pass.

Interestingly, these machines also give you "advice" on what to do right after the bonus is triggered. And it can't provide fake advice because that would render the game illegal in the eyes of the regulators.

In most cases, players recommend that you follow this advice. Of course, you're free to pass on the offer if you're not happy with the credits you're getting.

Speaking of credits, it's the base currency of the top dollar slot machine. There are 2-credit games as well as 3-credit games. Of course, you'll also find more modern games that allow you to set the credit before you start playing.

Every credit is equal to the bet size you choose. For example, if you choose a $5 bet on a 2 credit machine, you'll be spending $10 for every spin.

The "offers" you get from the game are all in credits. The more credits there are, the better the offer is. Most players agree that you should take the offer if it's offering at least 40 credits. If the offer is less than 40 credits, you may decline it and go for the next offer. A machine can give you up to 4 offers.

But keep in mind that there is no guarantee the next offer is going to be better than the previous one.

What the modern machines offer is nothing compared to what the original Top Dollar used to pay. Data shows that some lucky players won up to 1,000 credits!

What is the Best Top Dollar Slot Machine Strategy

The only strategy that matters when you're playing top dollar slots is when to take an offer. You'll find all kinds of schools of thought on the internet. Some players will suggest you take the first offer. Some will advise you to always go for the 3rd offer.

Of course, you'll find enough advice on the 2nd and 4th offers as well. But what is actually a good way to learn how to play a top dollar slot machine?

It ultimately comes down to how you strategize your gameplay. For games that follow the original versions and offer credits when the bonus is triggered, going for at least 50 credits is a good start.

For more modern titles with 5 or more reels, you're mostly dealing with bet multipliers instead of credits. Experts suggest that you go for at least 170x when taking up an offer.

A very important aspect of this strategy is the game advice. If you're too quick on your feet, you may have never seen it happen. The trick is to wait for 10-30 seconds after you're presented with the offer.

Games at a licensed online casino will almost always offer genuine advice on what you should do. If it says you should take the offer, do it. And it says you should pass, you should pass.

As long as you spend enough time to understand, you'll see for yourself how the advice is working out for you.

Can I play Top Dollar Slot Machine Online?

For the most part, the games in question are known for their prowess on Vegas casino floors. But let's be honest. Most of us don't have time to drive to Vegas anymore unless we're on vacation.

And there are online casinos these days. Thankfully, you can find top dollar slots online if you know where to look for them. Primarily, you want to find online casinos that offer games from IGT.

If you're in the US, you also need to make sure that the casino you choose is licensed in your state. For the rest of the world, a valid offshore license should work just fine.

If you're new to slots, we highly recommend that you master our slot machine tips before spending real money. When you go in to play top dollar slots with a deep understanding of the game, you're bound to enjoy the games more as well as rack up more winnings.

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