The Ultimate Selection of Slot Machine Tips

Every Slot Machine Tips You Need to Know in 2023

Slots. The simplest yet the most successful genre of casino games of all time. Since Charles Augustus Fey made the very first slot machine in the 1890s, they have come a long way. We went through mechanical slots, electric slots, video slots, and now we’re on online slots. 

When will this journey end? Nobody knows. The best we can do is enjoy it. One of the prime drivers behind slot machines popularity is variety. The massive variety. Every single layout and every single theme you can think of, there is a slot that matches it. You’ll practically never run out of options if slots are your thing. 

The games we’re dealing with are classified as a “game of luck”. It means whatever happens in the game is completely random and no one has any control over it. You enjoy the pure form of gambling. 

But three are slot machine tips that can give you an edge. The majority of these tips are not directly related to the game. They’re leaned on bankroll management to help you stretch your money the farthest. 

If you haven’t guessed already, our guide today is about tips for slot machines. I’m going to explore how different groups of players can benefit from online slots by simply following these tips. 

Also, I’m assuming you’re thinking about online casinos to try slots. So, that’s what I’m focusing my tips on. The good thing is, the concepts are not that hard to transfer to land-based casino gambling. 

How to Choose the Right Slot

The tips on slot machine must start with tips on how to choose the right slot, right? It’s simply because if you try to apply the wrong tips to the wrong type of slot game, it’s not going to do you any good. 

In this section, let me outline all the things you must look into every time you choose to play a new slot. Believe me, I learned some of them the hard way.

Look for a Theme You Like

This might sound very obvious but this is one of the things new players get wrong all the time. The key to winning in slots is volume. The longer you play, the more you can expect to even get close to the rated RTP.

When you choose a theme you really like, you’re more likely to play for longer. And when you want to play for longer, you’ll automatically manage your money accordingly. Double benefit! 

There are hundreds if not thousands of themes to choose from. Wild West, Ocean, Racing, Candy, Cops and Robbers, Asian, Ancient Egypt. You name it, you have it. 

Go for High RTP Games

I’ve explained this in many of my previous guides. RTP stands for Return to Player. It’s the theoretical return you can expect from a slot machine. A 96% RTP title will give you up to 96% of your stakes back through winnings, and a 91% slot will give you 91%. 

Which one is better?

That’s what I thought. When you pair the power of a good theme with a high RTP, you increase your chances to win by a lot. It’s not hard to find high RTP games as most will give you over 95%. The further you can stretch it, the better. 

Play Low Volatility Games

In case you’re not aware, volatility is the risk indicator of online slots. One of the best slot machine tips I can give you is playing low-volatility titles. Sure, your winnings will be lower but they will be consistent. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

You will find the volatility rating of the game either in the paytable or on the provider website, sometimes both. There are 5 main volatility levels. 

  1. Low Volatility
  2. Low-Medium Volatility
  3. Medium Volatility
  4. Medium-High Volatility
  5. High Volatility

Different software providers will use different indicators to present this information. But they all mean the same thing. 

The More Paylines, the More Chances to Win

One of the best slot tips I can give you right now is to focus more on paylines. I know most of you don’t bother with the number of paylines but it matters.

As the name suggests, a payline is a line that pays. What line, you ask? Well, these are invisible lines that connect adjacent reels, covering different reel positions. When symbols land in that particular order, a winning payline is formed. 

If a slot machine has 10 paylines, it means you get 10 chances to land a winning combination for every spin. If a game has 20 paylines, you double your chances. When paired with the volatility of a game, paylines can be an extremely powerful tool for all players.

The Software Provider

Good companies hire good people. And good people make better products. This is why I strongly believe evaluating the software provider is one of the greatest slot machine tips I can give you. 

Names like Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n Go, etc. are already trusted by the players. If you’re new to online slots, these should be your first choice of provider. As you gain more experience by playing games from more providers, you will learn how to filter through. 

How to Choose the Best Online Casino for Playing Slot Machine Tips

If you want to play real money slots, you go to online casinos. There is no alternative to it. So, it makes sense that you need to find a good online casino. How to do it?

Well, that’s what I’m here for. 

A License is Mandatory

Whenever you engage in an activity that involves real money, start looking for regulatory bodies. Without regulation, there is no guarantee that your money is safe. It’s just as true for the online gambling industry, if not more. 

So, the first of my slot machine tips to find a good online casino is a license. Look for it. You’ll most likely find the operator’s name along with the license in the footer section of a casino site. If not, you’ll surely find it on the Terms & Conditions page, usually within the first few clauses. 

If not, there may not be a license at all. In this case, move on and look into a different online casino. The most reputable international casino regulators are: 

  • The UK Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • HM Government of Gibraltar
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission
  • Antillephone N.V.
  • Curacao eGaming

Apart from these, pretty much all countries around the world have their own version of a regulatory agency. You’ll have to look into your local laws to find it. 

The Game Library

To use the slot machine tips I’m sharing, you must have access to games in the first place. So, yes, the casino you choose must have a killer game library. A few hundred games to choose from is a good number to start. The more games you can find, the more versatile your experience is going to be.

One of the tips to playing slot machines, is don’t be stuck on slots alone. Rather, keep things fresh. There are other amazing games at online casinos. Roulette, Blackjack, Craps, Baccarat, Poker, etc. games are available in both RNG and live dealer versions. 

Online Payment Methods

By now, it should be clear to you that you’ll use the tips for slot machines on actual games. It means you’ll need a way to fund your casino account. You’ll also need to get your money out of that account if you win. 

That’s where the available online payment methods come into play. A good casino will always include as many payment methods as possible. If you don’t see a technique you can use right now listed on the deposit page, it may not be the best choice for you. 

Most modern casinos offer Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro credit/debit cards. They also accept deposits through prepaid methods like Paysafecard or Neosurf. But the most convenient and popular method in my opinion is e-wallets. 

Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, MiFinity, MuchBetter, Jeton, etc. are all very good e-wallets. 

What Kind of Promotions You Can Enjoy

I’m keeping the bonuses pretty low on my list of essential things to check. Bonuses are exactly what they sound like. They’re bonuses. There’s no point in putting your money at risk just because it’s offering a big bonus. 

You should shift your focus to the bonuses only when all the previous boxes are checked. It’s because, at this point, you’re not at the risk of getting scammed. 

Of course, the more variety you can find in the bonuses, the better it is. You can expect welcome bonuses, free spins, reload bonuses, and cashbacks most commonly in online casinos. 

Customer Support

Last but not least, you should always be aware of the customer support. Most players don’t realize the need until they face a problem. But it’s always a good idea to test the waters before you dive in. 

Simply go to the customer support page and look at the communication channels. Are the support agents easy to reach out to? Are they knowledgeable? How long do they take to answer your question? 

Determine whether you want to try playing slot tips in this case based on the answers to these questions. 

Slot Machine Tips to Manage Your Budget

Money management is everything in life. If you don’t know how to do it because you “never had to”, you’re not ready to try my tips for slot machines just yet. Well, that’s about to change though. I can’t really let you leave empty-handed after reading so far. 

Follow my lead on tips to play slot machines without going broke. 

Tips to Win Slot Machines 1: Set a Budget

The very first step. Set a budget. Even if you don’t have a budget for your regular expenses, make one to play slots. This money should be of no use to you, other than entertainment. All of your bills should be paid, your rent/mortgage must be paid, and you must be in good financial condition. 

When you set a budget after ensuring all of these, you become virtually undefeatable. It doesn’t matter if you play 8 hours a day if your discipline is in place. 

Tips to Winning On Slot Machines 2: Keep an Eye on the Bankroll

Just because you have a budget now doesn’t mean you should blow it up at once. This will only make you want to play more by depositing more. This is how gambling problems start to take shape. 

Whenever you’re playing, one of the top tips for winning slot machines from me is to keep your eye on the bankroll. You must always be on top of your decision-making. If you see the bankroll depleting at a much faster rate than usual, it may not be your lucky day. 

Have the ability to stop at any time. 

Winning at Slot Machine Tips 3: Stick to Smaller Bets but Large Enough for Jackpots

There are hundreds of jackpot games in online casinos. You have your typical fixed jackpots and the newer progressive jackpots. Although I’m a big advocate of sticking to the smallest bet size, I can bend the rules for a jackpot. 

It’s simply because risking a little more money to win a lot of money is a worthy risk in my opinion. If there is no jackpot, just dial back to the minimum bet size to have funds for the longest time. 

Use Bonuses

This is not part of the core money management techniques. But claiming bonuses is the easiest way to add more to your bankroll. You can use the funds to play games, only increasing your potential to win. 

This is one of the great tips to win on slot machines if you manage to apply it. Also, there are free spins that may not add to your bankroll but allow you to play slots for free. 

Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

If you’re a beginner and you need tips on how to win casino slot machines, I can guide you through the process. But you must commit to the process and trust it.

Play Lots of Demo Games

One of my very common casino slot machine tips tricks is to play demo games. The demo version of any game will have the same features and the same hit rate as the real money version. You experience the game first-hand without spending any money. 

It’s no different than taking a car out to test drive before you decide to buy it. The more you learn before you spend the money, the better you can justify it. 

So, beginners, start playing demo games. SlotsMentor is bringing you the most immersive and engaging slots to play for free. 

Don’t Spend a Lot

Again, this leads back to money management. New players are more likely to make mistakes. The excitement of doing something new is often overwhelming. Pair it with the opportunity to win money, it’s a recipe for disaster. 

So, if you’re a newcomer, my early tips and tricks to win at slot machines for you are to keep your bet sizes to the minimum. 

Learn to Read Paytables

A paytable is like the information desk in a game. Every little detail you want in the game, you’ll find on the paytable. In most cases, it’s an (i) button. The data you can expect to find in the paytable include: 

  • RTP
  • Volatility
  • Symbol payouts
  • Wild Symbol
  • Scatter Symbol
  • Bonus features
  • Paylines
  • Game rules and disclaimers

As you can see, learning how to read paytables will give you a clear picture of what to expect from a game. When you know a game doesn’t pay a lot even with good symbols, you won’t expect it to. And that’s a win in itself if you ask me. 

Don’t Fuel the Myths

Slots have spent a little over a century on this planet. Considering how imaginative we humans are, there’s no wonder that slot games are wrapped in a thick mist of myth. One of the main goals of my slot machine tips is to break through these myths. 

Don't fuel the myths. A machine can surely hit twice if the RNG wants it to. A machine that didn’t pay in the last 1 year can still payout any time. It’s all about probabilities. 

Set the Limits

In case you didn't know, all online casinos have a Responsible Gambling page and almost all of them offer limiting tools. They can be deposit limits, session limits, wagering limits, loss limits, time limits, and whatnot. 

Use them. Especially if you’re just starting. If you’ve been following my lead, you already know that you need a budget. Set your monthly deposit limit in your casino account at that amount. Done. You can no longer deposit any more money until the month is over. 

Tips for Slot Machine at Land-Based Casinos

The fraction of my readers who still prefer going to a land-based casino, I can’t let you down like this. I have to share tips for slot machines for land-based casinos. Let’s go. 

Watch Out for Due Machines

A big difference between online slots and land-based slots is that you can monitor multiple at once in the latter. You can also do it online but the hassle is just not worth it. Remember, spotting a due machine is not a guarantee to win. It’s just improving your odds and one of the greatest slot machines tips. 

Walk around the slots floor and look at the rankings. You should see when and what the last payout was. The longer the gap, the closer you may be to the next win. 

Spot the Jackpot Wiggle

If you’ve read my terminology guide on wiggle, you may know that it can be a strong signal for a jackpot payout. Of course, it doesn’t work every single time. In fact, it barely works. But many veteran players believe in this. The least I can do is show respect. 

Also, many experts recommend dialing in max bet if you see a wiggle to leverage your jackpot potential. The larger your bet size, the more you can rack up thanks to the jackpot multiplier!

Keep Other Expenses Low

If you want to be a responsible player, one of my best tips on slot machines is to control your spending. Don’t keep ordering Margheritas. Don’t agree to the buffet. There is a reason I prefer online casino games over land-based ones.

But if you’re all about that life, go for it.  

Stick to Simple Machines

A common rule of thumb in online slots is that the more complex the game is, the lower your odds become. The idea here is to build up to the complicated games by starting at the roots. Of course, I’m talking about classic slots.


Slot Machines Tips: FAQ

Is there a trick to slot machines?

No, there is no trick to slot machines. At least, the ones that are not rigged. Slots are pure games of chance, meaning everything is controlled randomly. How to stay safe from rigged games? Look at the how to choose the casino section in my guide.

How do you pick a winning slot machine?

You pick a winning slot machine based on a combination of features like the RTP, volatility, symbol payouts, etc.

What is the best slot tip you can give me?

My best slot machine secrets winning tip would be to trust the tips. If you don’t gather a large enough sample size, you’ll never know whether they work or not.

How do I know these tips for slot machines work?

Again, you have to apply them yourself. It’s not going to cost you any extra money. You’ll apply the slot machines tips using the same budget you have now for gambling. If anything, I can help you save some money.

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