How Do You Know When a Slot Machine Will Hit?

If raw enjoyment is something to go by at casinos, it doesn't get any better than slot machines. They're simple, you don't need much money to play them, and most importantly, they pay in multipliers! But how do you know when a slot machine will hit?

Since the invention of slot machines over 130 years ago, players have tried to figure out ways to predict the outcomes. Some of them claim they have succeeded while others believe it's impossible to predict.

In case you're wondering how to make a slot machine hit, we have the answer in this very guide. And no, we're not going to share cheesy tips that every other source on the internet is offering.

Rather, we're taking a holistic approach to educating you on how slot machines work and how winnings are paid. Once you understand the fundamentals, we'll let you be the judge of whether you can learn how to tell when a slot machine will hit or not.

How Do Slot Machines Work?

Who doesn't want to win on slot machines, right? But how do you know when a slot machine will hit? Well, you first need to understand how the outcomes are generated in the first place.

Since the very beginning of slot machines, the same mechanic has been used to derive outcomes. It's an RNG, short for a "Random Number Generator".

What are random numbers, you ask? By definition, a random number is a number chosen by chance. When you leave things up to chance, there’s no way you can predict what comes next. Sure, you can devise a range of outcomes but never the exact one.

Random numbers are everywhere, especially when it comes to the digital space. You must've played video games where you shoot enemies. In case you didn't notice, the enemies spawn at different locations every time you play. It's possible thanks to random number generators.

The same goes for racing games. The position and density of traffic are never the same on the same track. If they were, the game would be no fun to play. 

We're not saying it's "impossible" to manipulate slot machines. Many players have used all kinds of device to make slot machines hit in the past. It was relatively easier for old machines at land-based casinos. But if you look at the data, almost all slot cheaters ended up in prison.

Now, we use digital RNGs that are less likely to crack, unless the hacker doing this is a wizard. Casinos often employ 3rd party audit agencies to monitor the integrity of their algorithms to detect fraudulent activities as soon as they happen.

Another great thing about modern random number generators is that they can be adapted for anything, including slot machines. Every time you spin the reels on a machine, the RNG steps in and generates the outcome for you. In the case of slot machines, it's the combination of symbols on reel positions. 

How Does an RNG Work?

As we're already deep into the RNG discussion, it's only fair that we go even deeper to understand exactly how an RNG works.

At the core of an RNG, there is an equation. This equation can literally be anything you want it to be. The outcome of the RNG is nothing but the result of solving the equation.

We know what you’re thinking. If an RNG uses a fixed equation, it's no longer random. The result should be the same every time, right?

Well, that's where the "initial seed" comes into play. The seed is the true random component of an RNG. The seed is a dynamic value usually multiplied by the equation to generate the random numbers.

For slot machines, the seed is mostly the timestamp of playing in milliseconds. Of course, different RNG algorithms can use different seeds like the number of keystrokes on your keyboard, the temperature of the day, or even the loading time of the game page. You can never know what's going on in the background.

Our research tells us a slot machine RNG creates a random string of numbers instead of a single number. The string is translated to reel positions by a separate algorithm. You see the translated result on your game interface.

The bottom line here is that RNG algorithms are the unsung hero of keeping slot machine outcomes random. They're "unpredictable" but not "unique". This is why you may see the same symbol combination many times when you play but you'll never know when they'll appear.

Understanding Gmabler's Fallacy

Also known as the Monte Carlo Fallacy, gambler's fallacy is one of the main reasons so many guides on how to tell when a slot machine will hit exist on the internet. Gambler's fallacy is a phenomenon where the said gambler believes that a random event is somehow influenced by previous events.

It's just not possible during an event with fixed outcomes. For slot machines, the number of active paylines is fixed, even for Megaways games! But let's look at a simpler example to understand why you should fall for Gambler's fallacy.

Take a coin and flip it. Let's assume it's head. Before you flipped it, the probability of a head was "1/2". Now that you've flipped it once, what do you think is the probability for the next flip? Yes, it's the same "1/2".

It doesn't matter how many times you flip the coin or when you do it, the probability of both head and tail will remain the same.

The same concept carries over to slot machines. It doesn't matter what the last spin or the last 100 spins were. They have nothing to do with what the next outcome will be.

This is why tricks like playing a game that hasn't paid in a while don't work. If they did, every single casino on planet Earth would go bankrupt.

How to Know When a Slot Will Hit?

If you've been paying attention, you should know that there is no "legit" way to know when a slot machine is about to hit. We're using the term "legit" because hackers often try to manipulate the RNG for their own gains. Both land-based and online casinos spend a lot of resources keeping them at bay.

If you find resources on the internet claiming you can predict exactly when a slot machine is about to pay, consider them spam. You'll also find apps that make slot machines hit on Google Play Store or Apple Store. Stay away from them!

The Myth of Hot and Cold Slots

A very common driver behind a gambler's fallacy is streaks. A particular slot machine may go into a "hot streak" where you win pretty much every spin. Similarly, the same games can go into a "cold streak" where it doesn't pay for days, even months!

This is a real phenomenon that happens across casinos all over the world, and even in online slot machines. But it's a myth that these are slot machines most likely to hit. Just like every other spin, a streak is also random.

Many players believe that a hot slot is "loose" and it will keep paying. Sometimes, it happens. Then there are players who look for cold slots because they're more likely to pay soon. Some even go the extra length to monitor slot machine "wiggle" at casinos. Apparently, a wiggle can be a telltale sign that a random jackpot is coming. 

Needless to say, there is no statistical proof that it works. There is no way to know if a slot machine hits will it hit again or not.

We Have a Plan B

We know you came to this post to figure out when do slot machines hit the most. We shared the cold-hard facts with you to prove that it's not possible. However, we don't want you to leave empty-handed.

You may not be able to battle it out with RNGs but you can surely use some other tricks to choose better slots overall. We have a detailed guide on slot machine tips where you'll find detailed explanations of why they work.

For this guide, let's keep it short.

  • Choose high RTP games because they're mathematically proven to pay more over the long run.
  • Don't spend all your money chasing a jackpot or a big win. Rather, keep your bets small and keep playing to get the random edge over the house.
  • After a slot hit, control your urge to go all in for the next one. According to the gambler's fallacy, the next outcome has nothing to do with what just happened.
  • Choose reputable and licensed online casinos so that you know the RNG algorithms aren't manipulated by hackers.
  • Use a proper bankroll management strategy to keep track of your spending.

Final Verdict

It's only normal for humans to try and figure out random things. And it's completely fine as long as you don't lose money. This is why we believe it's very important for you to understand how to get a slot machine to hit. You can't. The sooner you accept it, the faster you'll be able to let go of the gambler's fallacy and become a more responsible player.

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