Wiggle in Slot Machine

So, you like online slots. Who doesn’t, right? Although we know slot machines are complete games of luck, you could benefit from spotting a wiggle. Wondering what is a wiggle on a slot machine?

What’s a wiggle, you ask? Well, modern online slots come with a variety of animations and visual cues. They’re often triggered right before a bonus feature is triggered. Or, after you land a winning combination with high-paying symbols.

But the concept of wiggle is much older than online slots. They date back to mechanical slot machines at land-based casinos. Well, it sounds like they’re old machines when we’re referring back only a few decades. 

Many slot players believe that a slot machine wiggle is a sign that the game is about to pay a jackpot. At least, this is the most common belief. There is no concrete data to support this argument. 

Players who have seen success with this method recommend that you dial your bet value to the max as soon as you see the slot machine reels wiggle. The best thing about these wiggles is that they work on classic slots, penny slots, and video slots equally.

From a logical standpoint, however, a wiggle doesn’t tell you anything. If you’ve been following my terminologies, you should already know what an RNG is. It’s the technology that keeps game results random. 

According to the workings of an RNG, it’s never possible to predict the next outcome. However, it never hurts to try your luck for one max bet spin.

The best thing you can do to spot reels wiggle slot machine is look into hot machines and cold machines. If a wiggle was to work, my bet is it’ll work on hot machines. In case you’re not aware, a "hot"  machine is a slot game that’s been on a winning streak. A "cold" machine is just the opposite.

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