Bonus Feature

A bonus feature in a slot game is a special feature that offers players additional opportunities to win beyond the standard gameplay.

How to Trigger Bonus Feature on Slot Machine?

Bonus features are triggered in various ways, often involving specific combinations of symbols, such as Scatter or Bonus symbols.

What are the Types of Bonus Features in Slots?

There are several types of bonus features, and their specifics can vary greatly from one slot game to another. Common types of bonus features include:

  1. Free Spins: Players are awarded a certain number of spins that they do not have to pay for. Sometimes, these spins come with additional bonuses like multipliers or special symbols.

  2. Pick Me Games: Players are presented with a number of items to select from, each revealing a hidden prize.

  3. Bonus Wheels: Players spin a wheel to win prizes, which can include cash, free spins, multipliers, or even progressive jackpots.

  4. Gamble Features: After a win, players have the opportunity to wager their winnings on a 50/50 game, such as guessing the color of a playing card, in hopes of doubling their win.

  5. Mini-Games: These are more complex features that usually revolve around a theme related to the slot's storyline. They often involve some degree of skill or decision-making and offer bigger rewards.

Always check the paytable or rules of a slot game to understand its specific bonus features.

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