Play Quick Hit Slot Machine: Tips and Strategies for Success

At their core, slot machines are very simple. You decide how much to bet, you put in the money, and you pull the lever. If you're playing online, you press the spin button. But over the years, slot machine manufacturers have come with plenty of bonus games and unique mechanics that still fuel the industry.

Quick Hit by Bally Technologies is one of them. Many believe that it's the Quick Hit lineup that put Bally on the radar in the billion-dollar Gambling industry.

The best part is that this unique feature is no longer limited to land-based casino slot machines only. You can play Quick Hit casino slot games at online casinos too!

In this post, we'll look at what this feature entails and how you can strategize your gameplay to win the most.

What is a Quick Hit Slot Machine?

When you first launch a slot machine Quick Hit, it'll seem no different from any other slots you may have played. There are reels and symbols that generate the payouts.

But if you look at the game interface, you'll find a series of Quick Hit payouts, usually starting from 3 symbols. Some of the games even have a Super Wheel that can multiply your winnings beyond imagination!

More often than not, you'll play Quick Hit slot machines the same way you play other games. But as soon as you land 3 or more Quick Hit symbols, you start generating higher payouts. From what we've seen, the number of these symbols can go up to 9.

Believe it or not, the Quick Hit symbol also plays the role of a Scatter in many games. It makes sense because we know Scatter symbols are supposed to trigger bonus features.

Over the years, Bally Technologies have launched multiple slot machines with this feature. Let's take a closer look at these games before we move forward with our guide.

Quick Hit Slot Machines Over the Years

When we refer to Quick Hit slots games, we mean the entire batch. There are many games commonly found across casino floors in Las Vegas. Here are the most popular ones.

Quick Hit Mechanical 5-Reel

This is the original, the classic Quick Hit slot game. The mesmerizing payout for this game starts at a minimum of 5 symbols and goes up to 9 symbols. This is also the perfect game for new players as the max bet is capped at $1.50.

In case you didn't know, the max bet is the maximum you can spend in a single spin. Apparently, it helps trigger the progressive jackpot payout more compared to lower bet values. The money you win after landing 9 Quick Hit symbols is no less than a progressive on its own!

The sad part is that the original version of the game is not as commonly available in Las Vegas as it used to be. You have to look harder than usual to find this particular version. Asking online forums can surely help.

Quick Hit Blitz Slot Machine

This is perhaps the most generous Quick Hit slot among all. It has a dedicated bonus round for the progressive payout. Of course, you can secure the top prize during the main game too! The max bet in this game is set to $5.00. This is great because your winnings will be substantially larger when you land the proper symbol combo.

One of the best features of this version of Quick Hit slot games is the number of symbols you can get. Instead of the usual 9, you can get up to 12 Quick Hit symbols to take your winnings to the next level!

Quick Hit Platinum Slot

This version of the game is pretty close to the original in the series. It used to be really popular in casinos but it disappeared for a brief while. Thankfully, it's making a comeback stronger than ever.

Winning the progressive in this one is easier in comparison. All you need is 5 Quick Hit symbols on the reels. It also has lower volatility compared to some of the other versions, making it easy to land winning combinations.

The max bet in this game is set at $1.50 in most casinos. It's safe to say that it'll be easier for you to manage your bankroll even when playing for max bet. The game is also packed with multipliers and other bonus features to make your time memorable.

Quick Hit Pro

If you're a fan of modern video slots with a lot of things going on, Quick Hit Pro might be the perfect version for you. It offers multiple bonus games with immersive graphics. This 5-reel slot has a whopping 40 paylines!

Another interesting feature in this version of the Quick Hit slot is stacked Wilds. Wild symbols replace other symbols to trigger a payline. Stacked Wilds do the same thing but on steroids!

Our favorite feature is the free spins round where you get to collect silver balls to play the virtual pinball. As long as you manage to shoot the balls in the right pockets, the game will pay you accordingly.

What Kind of Volatility and RTP to Expect on Quick Hit Slots

As there are multiple games in the series, there is no way to fixate on a volatility rating. But in our experience, most of the games fall between medium and high volatility. The medium volatility games are better for new players as they pay frequently.

And if you have a large bankroll with a proven Quick Hit slot machine strategy, you can go for the high volatility versions.

As for the RTP or return to player, the range is between 93.95% and 95.97%. It surely falls in the ideal range for slot games. Just keep in mind that to realize the RTP, you need to play the games in the long term.

What Strategies to Use for Quick Hit Slot Games?

Before we start this section, a disclaimer is due.

Slot machines are games of chance which means the outcomes are always random. But players have tried different systems to trick the machines over the years. Some of them have seen success with these strategies.

Betting Max Bet

A common belief among casino-goers is that you're more likely to hit a jackpot if you play with the max bet. It's based on the idea that casinos pay more high rollers. This is a great strategy to use for beginners simply because the max bet ranges between $1.50 to $5.00 for most games.

Keep in mind that the specifications of slot machines don't support this argument. Slots are supposed to be RNG driven and an RNG doesn't know what coin size you're using. Practice at your own discretion.

Use the 5-Spin Method

The 5-spin method devised by Professor Slots, a YouTuber/casino guru, has received a lot of praise in recent times. The strategy dictates that you should not play any slot game for more than 5 spins. If you win during that time, congratulations. If you don't, just move on to the next game.

The justification behind this strategy is that slot machines are programmed to give players a “taste” as soon as they start playing. But as you keep playing, the payouts become more and more infrequent.

Of course, this claim only holds up if you believe that slot machines at casinos are rigged. Even if you don't, it's not a bad idea to cycle through games instead of sticking to one.

Play the Games Online

Although the Quick Hit series owes most of its popularity to brick-and-mortar casinos, they're prevalent across online casinos these days too. If there is no land-based casino near you, you can simply sign up for an online casino and start playing.

Not all the games from the physical realm have been transferred online so you'll be slightly limited in terms of selection. But don't ignore the fact that you'll be saving a lot in travel expenses, drinks, food, accommodation, etc. when you visit a land-based casino.

We know this is not a strategy but every technique that can help you save money should be considered one. What do you think?

Should You Play Quick Hit Slot Games?

Well, we don't see why not. Bally has made a name for itself with these games and they're popular for a reason. The next time you visit a casino near you, look for games with this feature. If you can't find them, just ask one of the casino employees.

And as we already said, you can always sign up for online casinos. Also, if you're absolutely new to slot games, you may want to read our beginner's guide before starting.

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