Discover the Magic of the 5 Slot Machine Strategy

Since the advent of slots, players have tried to figure out ways how to win more frequently. Needless to say, the majority of them failed simply because slots are games of chance. When the results are random no matter what you do, there's no strategy you can apply.

So, what people did is they stopped trying to hack the game (or did they?). Rather, they started using bankroll management or game management techniques to get an edge over the machines. One of the popular methods is the 5 slot machine strategy, also known as the 5 spin method.

It's popularized by YouTuber Professor Slots, a knowledgeable old man who shares top tips and tricks for slot players.

In this post, we're about to decipher the 5 slot machine strategy. We're also going to share some of our own tips to ensure you have a better chance at winning.

What is the 5 Spin Slot Method?

The method itself is really simple and straightforward. You play 5 spins on a slot machine. The idea is that instead of trying to win more on the same machine, you keep moving through available machines.

The great thing about the 5 spin slot strategy is that you can use it in both land-based casinos and online casinos. Online casinos are even better as there are significantly more games to try compared to a brick-and-mortar casino.

Does the 5 Spin Method Work?

Now, there is no way to guarantee anything when it comes to gambling. It's needless to say that the entire industry is based on luck or chance. The same goes for the 5 spin method slots. It works for some people. And for some, it doesn't.

Now, statistically, the 5 slot machine strategy can work. Of course, it'll depend on the specifications of the games you choose.

Many players believe that once a slot machine pays, it's highly unlikely to pay anytime soon. Then again, there's no concrete evidence for this belief as all outcomes from a slot machine are supposed to be random. An RNG is working round the clock with an unknown seed value to make sure it happens every time.

When you do, it's called getting the taste. According to the 5-spin slot method, you either get the taste within 5 spins or you don't. It doesn't matter. You move on to the next game.

If an online casino has 500 games, for example, you're better off trying all of them for 5 spins each. That's 2500 spins in total. Statistically, it's better than playing 2500 spins on the same game.

Needless to say, when you play all the games instead of a select few, you develop a better understanding of slots. This newfound skill can help you become a better and more responsible player in the future.

Professor Slots suggests that you keep the bet value small and consistent for all the games you play unless the game has a higher minimum bet requirement than your bet size. Although you're leaving things to chance, it becomes a numbers game.

Factors that Determine the Success of the 5 Spin Slot Method

We've mentioned in the previous section that whether the 5 slot machine strategy works or not will depend on the type of slot you choose. In this section, let us outline the factors that can make or break your 5 spin method.

Return to Player or RTP

The RTP of slot machines has long been an important metric to determine the quality of the game. In theory, the higher the RTP is, the higher you can expect to win against your bets. For example, a slot with 97% RTP should theoretically pay more than a 95% RTP slot.

If you're planning on using the 5-spin method slots, it's best that you play slots with more than 95% rated RTP. This way, you are not dealing with a large house edge. If lady luck decides to smile upon you, you should get a taste within the first 5 spins.


Volatility is another important factor when it comes to the success of the 5 spin method. We also emphasize it in our slot machine tips for beginners.

In case you're not aware, the volatility of a slot machine determines its winning frequency. High volatility slots will pay out less often than low volatility slots.

So, if you want a win within your first 5 spins, what volatility level should you go for?

Yes, you should always play low-volatility slots with this tactic. Sure, the winnings will be very small. But it's still better than spending money for hundreds of spins before landing a win. If the low volatility slots are too boring for you, you can always bump it up to medium volatility. Any higher than that is not recommended.


Jackpots are one of the biggest highlights of the casino industry. There are many records of progressive jackpots changing the lives of many players all over the world.

Online slots also come in progressive jackpot formats. Not only that you can also find games with an in-game fixed jackpot.

As you're playing each game only 5 times anyway, why not take a chance on the jackpots, right? Although jackpot slots typically have lower RTP ratings than classic slots or video slots, the potential of the large prize makes it a viable choice.

Any given casino will have at least a few very good progressive jackpots. And there are hundreds of games out there with in-game jackpots. So, it shouldn't be an issue for you to find good slot machines to play.

Set Your Bankroll and Make a 5 Spin Slot Strategy Around It

Although the 5 slot machine strategy is a strategy on its own, we recommend upgrading and polishing it for better results. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. The very first step is to set a bankroll. It's the total amount you're willing to spend on this strategy. It doesn't matter if it's $100 or $10,000. But having a fixed amount is important.
  2. Set a bet size. It's not part of the strategy but we want you to keep the bet size consistent for easier tracking. The bet size will depend on your bankroll and how many spins you're planning to play. You can start with a hundred spins. This means you can play 20 different slots.
  3. It's time to start playing. Open the first game and set the bet size before doing anything else. If you forget this step, it pretty much ruins the whole strategy.
  4. Keep going through game after game. It might be tempting to keep playing the same game if you land a winning combination. But remember, the whole strategy is about not playing a game for more than 5 spins.
  5. After you're done with the 100 spins, check the status of your bankroll. Worst case scenario, you have nothing left. And that's okay. Responsible gambling is a critical aspect of the whole process. You should always spend the money you're willing to lose. And if you win, that's a bonus!

Closing Thoughts

The slot machine 5 spin method can be a great way to spice up your gambling experience on the internet. Instead of spinning the reels mindlessly, you have a purpose and a goal. Also, playing different games means you're exposing yourself to different themes, a great way to keep monotony out of the equation.

Last but not least, if you're new to slots, you should learn how to play them first. We also have a lineup of tips and tricks for beginners.

Also, if you're not sure which games to play, we have a massive selection of slot reviews in demo versions on Slotsmentor.

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