Conquer the Buffalo Slot Machine and Win Big

Playing slots at an online casino is probably the easiest thing in the world. If you want to win big, you'll need a good understanding of the slot machine and a ton of luck. You'll also need to pick a good slot to play.

Lucky for you, we've already found the perfect slot to talk about. The Buffalo slot machine from Aristocrat is the perfect solution if all you care about is winning. This 5-reel slot comes with 1,024 paylines which means you have a lot of chances of scoring some juicy wins.

To help you in this endeavor today, we're going to take a look at the game to better understand it. We're also going to take a look at some winning strategies and tips to help you bring in those huge jackpots. Let's roll.

A Quick Overview of the Buffalo Slot Machine

When talking about Buffalo slots, we need to mention the two sequels that it has as well. The Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Stampede games were released by the same company after the resounding success of the original.

Buffalo was first released in 2008 with a standard 5-reel layout and 95% RTP. While it's not an above-average RTP, it's not bad either. The game has just the right amount of house edge that will keep players happy with regular wins happening all the time.

The reason we're interested in making this guide for the Buffalo slot machine is because of its high volatility. In case you don't know what that is, it's got a lower hit frequency, but when you do the payout is quite high.

The sequels follow this same pattern as well. So, if you want to try out a new and improved version of Buffalo slots, definitely give those a try.

Theme and Design

You might be thinking, why do people still care about hitting it big and bagging the jackpot in this 15-year-old game? One of the main reasons for this is the theme of the game.

The Americana theme is something that's been around for a long time now. It features elements from the Wild West. In the Buffalo slot, you get something similar with animals from old Texas like buffaloes, eagles, wolves, stags, and many more.

The symbols aren't the only thing adding to the theme of the game. The soundtrack also gives you the feeling of being back in the Wild West. The SFX also makes the game feel retro, so the nostalgia is bound to hit you.

So, if you're looking to immerse yourself in the game while winning big amounts, then Buffalo slots are the perfect games for that.  

Special Symbols

Remember, the animals that we talked about? Each one of those is a special symbol in the game. The most valuable one is the buffalo which can give you a payout out of 300x of your bet.

Since this is the most valuable symbol in the game, you need to try and land as many of it as possible on the reels. Aside from these other special symbols, are eagle, tiger, and stag. All of these pay from left to right, so keep this in mind when you're trying to win.

Winning Strategies for Buffalo Slot Machine

Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, we can start talking about some tips and strategies you can use to win consistently.

It's important to keep in mind that slots run based on RNG algorithms. So, winning or losing in the game comes down to your luck.

That being said, the strategies that we've prepared here for you should prove to be helpful. Let's check it out.

Understand the Paytable

The first part of any winning strategy for slots has to be understanding the rules of the game. And this can be done by utilizing the paytable that comes with every game.

The paytable serves as the de facto rulebook for any slot game. It contains all of the information surrounding the game from the value of the symbols to all of the bonus features. You also get to take a look at the paylines to better understand how the payout works.

In the case of the Buffalo slot machine, the details of the free spin bonus feature can be found in the paytable portion. You can find the conditions for activating this feature. The game also allows the free spins to be retriggered, you can find out how that works from there as well.

The game also teaches you the special symbols and what they do. For example, the canyon symbol in the game acts as the Wild. This is the first thing that you see when you click on the "i" button in the game.

If you master the art of learning to read a paytable and understanding the rules, you will have a comparatively better experience than if you were spinning the reels without understanding.

Try Out the Demo Mode

Simply learning about the rules isn't enough to truly understand how they work. You need to put it into practice. The experience of that will help you get better at the game.

Thankfully, you can do this without having to spend a single penny on the game. Aristocrat was kind enough to add a demo mode with the Buffalo slots. These help players get a first impression of the game by trying it out for free to figure out the best time to play. You can find the demo mode on the provider's website or on online casino sites.

You can use this to practice playing the game and seeing how the payouts work with your own eyes. The saying "Experience is the best teacher" applies perfectly when we're talking about slots.

Understanding the Bonus Features of the Buffalo Slot

If you're playing for fun and you don't care about big wins, you can think of the free spins feature in the Buffalo slot machines as an optional feature. But high rollers who want to win the big bucks should pay more attention to this. Because the majority of your winnings will come during the bonus round.

What is the bonus round in this game? So far, we've only mentioned that it's a free spin round. But we haven't talked about any specifics. Let's address that right now.

In the Buffalo slot, the Bonus symbol is represented by a gold coin. Getting at least 3 of these on the reels begins the free spins round with 8 free spins. If you land more than 3 Bonus symbols, you will get more free spins to start with. For 4 bonus symbols, you can get 15 free spins and for 5 of those on the reels, you get 20.

This round is where you will have the chance to make the most money from a single wager. We say this because there's a chance to get up to a 3x bonus multiplier on your winnings during this round if you get the Wild symbol to appear.

That's going to give you a huge return should you land a winning combo with the high-paying symbols.

But that's not all. You can potentially extend the free spin round almost infinitely if you keep landing at least two Scatter symbols. The retrigger gets you 5 free spins only but as there's no limit on how many spins you can retrigger in this way, there's a chance you could be at it for a long time.

Bet in Small Amounts

When you're actually playing for real, you should try to bet in small amounts. It might seem counterintuitive to place small wagers as you'll get a smaller payout in return. But we're still recommending it because of the winning multiplier in the free spin round.

As there's a chance for your winnings to get multiplied, it's safer to play with small bets. That way you can keep playing longer and trying your luck. It's a much better alternative than getting greedy with a larger wager and burning through all of your money.

Use a Betting Strategy

Lastly, when you feel like you've got a hang of the game, and you're feeling more comfortable, you should start using a betting strategy for the Buffalo slot machine. This is an advanced technique that should help you efficiently manage your funds and winnings.

One of the more popular ones is the Martingale betting strategy. In this, you start wagering with the smallest amount. Each time you lose, you double the wager value. The idea behind it is that when you eventually win, the amount will be large enough to recuperate all of your previous losses.

But as there's a risk of running out of cash, you should set a lower max limit. For Buffalo slots, the max you can bet is 1200. So, we recommend stopping around the 120 mark.

Final Thoughts

You've gotten to take a look at all of the features and how they work in the Buffalo slot game. Considering all of these, you can win some big prizes if luck is in your favor and you play your cards right. We highly recommend this game to new players who are looking for a game to make it big.

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