Double or Nothing

How many times have you challenged a friend into a double or nothing bet on the basketball court? Using the term "double or nothing" has a swag unmatched by anything else. Interestingly, the concept also overlaps with gambling, specifically slot machines. The double or nothing meaning is simply that if you win, you win double your bet. And if you lose, you lose the whole bet.

But there is a major difference between other instances and slot machines. Double or nothing bets work best when you expect a 1:1 payout. For example, you bet $10 and get $10 as the in. In slots, however, the double or nothing rules don’t work as there is no guarantee that the next payout will be 1:1. So, how does it work, you ask?

With the "gamble" feature! You will not find this feature in every game but the ones that have it are loved by players all over the world. Essentially, the gamble feature triggers after you win. The game then asks you whether you want to gamble your winnings or not. If you do and win, you get double the money. But if you lose, you lose the winnings too.

For players who are easily bored with the repetitive spins of the reels, the double or nothing feature can be an excellent breath of fresh air. Needless to say, you get to walk away with double the money if you win.

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