AWP Slots

If you ever hear someone saying they're going to play AWP slot machines, know that they’re talking about regular slots. AWP in slots stands for "Amusement with Prize," a niche way of identifying machines that are enjoyable and pays a prize.

The term is most commonly used in the UK as these machines are found in amusement arcades. Of course, you may have found fruit machines, too and they’re the same as AWP slots.

While the experts have yet to distinguish between regular slots and AWP slot machines, the latter typically have a lower stake limit. For example, if a regular video slot allows you to use coin size between £0.10 and £20, an AWP machine may bring down the range to £0.10- £1. For this reason, you can also compare them to penny slots.

The AWP machines are classified as gambling devices, which means they're regulated as regular slot machines. In the UK, it’s the Gambling Act 2005 that regulates all forms of games.

The bottom line is that when you find a slot AWP online, you can expect the same level of enjoyment with all the reels, paylines, and themes. It's just that you may need to place small bets to comply with the game rules.

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