The Blazing 7 Slot Machine: The Most Generous Version of Blackjack?

Blackjack has long been one of the most popular games. Although the origin of this card game is debated, most historians agree that it originated in French casinos during the 1700s. It used to be called "Vingt-et-un". Interestingly, it means 21 in French and English.

It's hard to find land-based casinos or online casinos that don't offer at least a few variants of blackjack these days. The basic rules remain the same across all variants. The magic happens in the side bets. The Blazing 7 Blackjack happens to be one of the most popular versions in the 21st century.

In this guide, we're going to learn the basics of blackjack as well as how a Blazing 7 slot machine works.

A Little Background on Blackjack

The blend of simplicity and complexity makes blackjack one of the top games for gamblers all over the world. The rules are very straightforward, making it a simple game. However, winning is not-so-straightforward as players must know when to stand, hit, or double down, making it complex.

The reason we said the translation of Vingt-et-un is interesting is that the end goal in blackjack is to get 21.

The game starts with the dealer handing cards to the players around the table. Each player gets 2 cards, including the dealer. While all the players get face-up cards, the dealer gets 1 face-up and 1 face-down card. The latter is known as the "hole card".

The best hand in the game is 21, also known as a "Blackjack" or a "Natural". If you're too far away from 21 with the initial 2 cards, you can ask for more by hitting. Remember, if you go over 21, it's a bust.

By the end of the hand, the player or the dealer whoever is closest to 21 is the winner. Of course, there are lots of other rules and strategies that go into the games and they require a separate post. For this one, let's focus on the Blazing Seven slot machine.

What is the Blazing 7 Slot Machine?

Although we're calling it a slot machine, the game actually belongs to the "table" category. Blazing 7s is a side bet integrated into the core Blackjack game. How does it work, you ask?

Well, if the name is something to go by, you should've already guessed that it has everything to do with 7s. You win the side bet as long as one of your cards is a 7.

But that's just the beginning. The more 7s you land, the higher your payout goes. Speaking of the payout, it also depends on the color and suit of the cards! Even if the dealer gets a 7 as his/her face-up card, it's a win for you!

Most importantly, this side bet is independent of your main bet. You can lose the main bet but make a huge profit from the Blazing 7 slots!

To enjoy this side bet, you first need to identify a table that offers it. It's very simple in online casinos as Blazing 7s will be mentioned in the game name. If you're at a land-based casino, ask one of the staff if there is a Blazing Seven slot table or not.

Blazing 7s Slot Machine Odds

As this is a side bet we're dealing with, the odds matter a lot. You need to curate your strategy based on them if you truly want to get an edge. Here are the odds for different outcomes in the game.

  • Landing one 7: 14.2%
  • Landing two 7s: 0.005%
  • Landing three 7s: 0.0003%
  • Landing three 7s of the same color: 0.000068%
  • Landing three 7s of the same suit: 0.000015%
  • Landing three 7s from the diamond suit: 0.000004%

Interestingly, many Blazing 7 slot machines offer a progressive jackpot for the three diamond 7s. Hence, the slimmer-than-a-thread odds. Not all variants of the game may offer this so make sure you're reading the paytable.

Blazing 7 Blackjack Payouts

Let's admit it. The primary attraction of Blazing Seven slot machines lies in the payouts. They ultimately determine how much you bet. Here are the potential payouts.

  • Landing one 7: 2 to 1 ($2 against every $1 wagered)
  • Landing two 7s: 25 to 1 ($25 against every $1 wagered)
  • Landing three 7s: 200 to 1 ($200 against every $1 wagered)
  • Landing three 7s of the same color: 500 to 1 ($500 against every $1 wagered)
  • Landing three 7s of the same suit: 10% of the Progressive Jackpot
  • Landing three 7s from the diamond suit: Full Progressive Jackpot

It's clear that one bet can change your life without any influence from how you're doing in the main game. The catch here is, of course, the odds. Landing a single 7 is surely possible. Expecting anything more, you would be entering fairytale territory.

The typical payout at a blackjack table is 3 to 2. If you see a table with a 6 to 5 payout, don't even bother playing it.

Compared to the regular payout, the Blazing 7 slot machine side bet offers a significantly higher payout, especially if you land multiple 7s. This is the main driving force behind the popularity of this version.

Best Strategy to Win in a Blazing 7 Slot Machine

Before you can use any strategies for this variant of the card game, you need to master the "basic blackjack strategy". It's nothing but a complex matrix teaching you when to stand, when to hit, and when to double down based on your card combination. This is crucial if you want any success in blackjack.

When you go for the Blazing 7s side bet, the house edge of the game increases. Of course, it tilts toward the casino's benefit right away.

The best strategy you can apply is to minimize your bet sizes. As you already saw, the odds for most of the outcomes are very slim. If you plan to play for a while, you'll burn through the bankroll before realizing it.

So, we recommend playing the min bet on the table and consistently betting on the Blazing 7s box. Due to the slim odds, it becomes a numbers game.

The good thing is that it's not an RNG game so you're not entirely bound by the randomness of the machine.

Another clever trick is to opt for game versions that use multiple decks. The more decks there are, the more 7s there are. So, it makes sense to take the chance in a game where you're more likely to land 7s, something very unlikely to happen in a single-deck blackjack game.

Other Side Bets in Blackjack

Blazing 7s might be a very popular side bet but it's not the only one in blackjack. There are Perfect Pairs, Lucky Ladies, and 21+3 variants. Let's take a quick look at them before dropping the curtain on this guide.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

As the name suggests, you get a side bet for pairs of your cards. Regardless of the color, you get a flat 30 to 1 payout if you get a perfect pair.

Lucky Ladies Blackjack

This side bet is based on the notion that your first 2 cards will form a hand of 20. It can be two 10s or any other combination of 2 picture cards (king, queen, jack). Different combos pay differently.

21+3 Blackjack

This version of blackjack brings in rules from 3-card poker for a twist. The bet is whether the first 2 cards of a player and the dealer's face-up card make one of the hands from 3-card poker or not. These hands are:

  • Flush
  • Straight
  • Three of a Kind
  • Straight Flush
  • Suited three of a kind
Wrapping Up

Blazing 7s slot machine, also known as Blazing 777 slot machine, is an excellent side bet for players to try in both online and offline casinos. The odds might be slim but the payout is often worth it. Be sure to master the strategies before you start playing.

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